WolfPack 1x2 SDI DA

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WolfPack SDI SplitterThis 1x2 SDI DA is a professional distribution amplifier for HD-SDI signals. It takes one input, with re-clocking and equalization, and distributes the signal to two identical SDI outputs for real time multi-viewing. Why pay hundreds more from Brand AJ... and Brand BL.. when you can get the professional 1x2 SDI DA for only $130 with the outstanding specs below.

WolfPack 1x2 SDI DA Features:

  • SDI Formats: HD-SDI and SD-SDI (No 3G)
  • Data Rates: 270Mbps/1.485 Gbps
  • Two separately buffered outputs
  • Cable equalization (Belden 1694A) retiming and signal
  • Re-clocking function capability – unlimited repeater connection
  • Dual color LED indication of power and video signal link
  • Passes all ancillary data
  • HDTV Compatible
  • Multi-Standard Operation - SDI (SMPTE 259M/344M) & HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M)

Note: Distance tested via standard Belden 1694A cable. Operating distances may vary for cable with different specs.

WolfPack 1x2 SDI DA Specs:

  • Input: 1 SMPTE-259M/292M/344M SDI, 75Ω on a BNC connector
  • OUTPUTS: 2 equalized and re-clocked SMPTE-259M / 292M / 344M outputs
  • Connectors: BNC connectors
  • MAximum Data Rate: 1.485Gbps
  • Max. Output Level: 800mVpp
  • Ac Power Source: 12V DC, 250mA
  • Dimensions: 84*48*25mm( W, D, H)
  • Includes a Power supply

User Guide: Operations Guide

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Why not buy this 1x2 SDI DA today?