Front Panel Button Control for WolfPack Modular Matrix Switchers

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Font panel buttons switching operation: Users easily can control the video switching as well as save and recall up to 24-preset scenes. Just press an Input button, then select the Output buttons, it's that easy.

All you have to do is press the first the input button that you want and then select/press the output buttons to send the input t the Tvs you want ts show that video.

  • There are 9, 16, 18 or 36 input buttons and 9, 16, 18 or 36 output buttons based upon the size of the chassis you have selected
  • First press the MENU button to show the SWITCH interface, then continue to the next step
  • Press an Input number at the INPUT area and the input button will light up with a blue light
  • Then press the Output number(s) at the OUTPUT area and the output button(s) will light up.
  • You then can press the UP button to set Input 1 to ALL switching.
  • If you need to cancel switching just press the button again to cancel.
  • You can also press the DOWN button to cancel all the outputs

It's an easy as 1, 3